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About Us

Also known as the Federation of Student Nationalists, we are the student wing of the Scottish National Party and are a social-democratic and internationalist group. We perform the dual role of representing student interests within the SNP and representing the SNP within student communities.

We are based at universities across Scotland and campaign on a local and national basis for issues that matter to students and for an independent Scotland. We are autonomous from the SNP, so are free to pursue our own policies and priorities as we choose.

We organise many events both serious and social across the country, so there's something for everyone!

Whether you want to get involved politically and campaign actively, or are just looking for some new friends and people to have a few drinks and a chat with, SNP Students is a great organisation to be involved with.

However you choose to get involved, joining SNP Students is a great opportunity to help shape the Scotland that you want to live in, and create a better country for us all.



Our Societies are the most local level for getting involved with the SNP Students

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 SNP Students holds many National and Local Events

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Liberation Groups

These groups encourage participation from under-represented groups within our organisation. 

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"Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on! "  
- Winnie Ewing